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Atelier Nymphaë in 2023: what will it become?

Almost one year ago, in March 2022, we posted for the very first time on Instagram under the name "Atelier Nymphaë". Since then, we've made our debut in the world of fairs & conventions, we've opened our Etsy shop, we've printed our first prints and our first stickers and we've acquired our first clients!

But just like Rome wasn't built in a day, making our little atelier a viable, solid and interesting business takes time. Fortunately, we are lucky and privileged to have this time to invest in our business.

So, what's coming up in 2023 at the Atelier Nymphaë?

I/ The production of the comic book... Well, here we are, after several months of telling you all about this comic book, we can finally proudly announce that the production of Monocle & strand of Violet has started this January.

I finished the script a few weeks ago and Alice is now starting the storyboard!

This first volume is going to be a very, very big baby and it will be the beginning of a beautiful and long adventure!

So, of course, we do not want to be overwhelmed and exhausted by the task. The colorization style has been revised in order to be the least time-consuming as possible while keeping the brightness and colored atmospheres that are so typical of our work!

Secondly, we give ourselves a whole year before releasing the first pages. Why? Simply to be able to produce without stress and to have a maximum of pages in stock in order to always be a little ahead! It also gives us more time to grow our community, and therefore, our readership!

Of course, it can be frustrating because you'll have to wait a bit more and we'll have to keep you interested in reading us without giving too much away! But it's a challenge we are ready to tackle!

Anyway, we hope you'll have still as much pleasure to follow our adventures this year!

II/Our first crowdfunding campaign!

Just because we're keeping the comic book a secret until next year doesn't mean we're going to leave you hanging!

Indeed, this year, we are planning to launch our first crowdfunding campaign in order to create our very first book!

Those of you who followed us at that time might have read in Autumn 2022 the adventure of Dihya, Aditi and Shiori in the lands of Ysgäu. This little episode takes place before the main story and allows you to get to know the characters and their relationships.

In the beginning, this story was a little challenge we set ourselves. Alice had to produce one illustration a day and I had to write the text that would go with it. Now, of course, the illustrations are not always perfect and the text is sometimes a bit simple, but we are very happy to have completed the project!

Of course, before launching the crowdfunding we will completely revise the story and the illustrations. The text will be corrected, we will most certainly add illustrations in order to offer you a beautiful layout and a great reading experience!

I have to admit that while we are very motivated, this step is a bit scary. To tell you the truth, the format of this story didn't work at all and there were maybe three or four of you who followed the story all the way through, out of more than 1000 subscribers, which hurt a lot! We felt like we were talking in a vacuum to the point where we nearly wanted to give up several times... That's the reality of posting on social media as an artist with original content. It's not easy every day... But that doesn't mean we'll give up!

Additionally, this crowdfunding campaign will serve as a bit of a crash test for the next ones. Because we intend to print our comic book to offer it to you in paper format! The success of this campaign might greatly influence the fate of our next productions...

So, I hope that this time, it will be worth it and that we will inspire you to be interested in this adventure! Either way, you can be certain that we will work hard to deliver you a wonderful book!

III/ The opening of a Patreon?

When we talk about independent artists, we often talk about sponsorship and we often think about it.

To be honest, it's not something we're considering right now, but rather something we'll consider by the end of the year if we judge it's worthwhile.

Because creating a Patreon just to create a Patreon, that's not how we want to go about it. We want to do it to a 100%, and offer you interesting and worthwhile counterparts.

Until then we have time to reflect on this and ensure that as many of you as possible will be interested in participating!

In the meantime, if you have any ideas for exclusive content that you'd like to access, don't hesitate to tell us. We already have several ideas in mind but as this is still a "draft" project we are open to any suggestions!

IV/ And many more adventures!

Those who know us in person know one thing: we never stop and we always have tons of ideas in mind!

This year you will be able to meet us again at various events where we will sell our creations. We will be present for sure at the Lez'Art Festival on August 25th and 26th in Vicq sur Gartempe in France. This is a rural art festival featuring many lesbian and queer artists! We are very, very excited!

We also want to participate in a few conventions like Paris City Pop, Art To Play, and Y/Con but it's still too early to be sure of our presence there. We'll let you know in due time!

So what else? Well, we would also like to resume our youtube channel, the poor thing is abandoned since last October... But we loved to edit our vlogs! Anyway, we'll try to get back to it, I can assure you! We would also like to start on twitch but because of the lack of equipment, it will have to wait a bit longer...

Finally, this year I'd like to participate in the NaNoWriMo challenge, a challenge that lasts all of November and consists in writing 10 000 words for your novel! Like any writer, I have a lot of story ideas in my head (the one that will succeed Monocle & Brin de Violette already exists!) and there is one that I really want to make into a novel. The story is only at an early stage but I can already tell you that it will be very magical and very lesbian!

Well, I think we've covered everything! It will be a very busy year, won't it? In any case, we are very, very eager to get started on all these beautiful projects.

We hope with all our hearts that you will follow us on these adventures!

To make sure you don't miss anything, you can subscribe to our Instagram account if you haven't already done that, and subscribe to our Newsletter! We will only send you one email per month to inform you about our progress, you will be able to read about our wins but also our doubts, our fears, and even advice to start your own business! It's a little more personal content. The first mail will be sent at the beginning of March!

Anyway, thank you very much for reading this far, and see you soon for the upcoming adventures of Atelier Nymphaë!

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