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At the prestigious Odalis School of Magic, Rose, a new student, and heiress to a prestigious family, does her best to hide her struggles.

Shiori, on the other hand, is a talented student, but her severe anxiety makes her life quite difficult.


In a mysterious forest, nearby the school, both are chosen as guardians of a magical portal linking their world to the world of spirits. These two young women learn to know each other through an epistolary exchange.


As their affections deepen in a troubling way, everything seems to stand in the way of their meeting.


“It all started with a dream, to draw stories that have never been heard.”


Atelier Nymphaë is a french artist couple Alice & Sara. 
We are working hand in hand on an ambitious independent comic book project: "Monocle et Brin de Violette". 

Inspired by nature, magic, and ancient forgotten legends, we have at heart to bring lesbian women to light in our stories.

Welcome to our mystical, colorful, and magical universe! 

If today's social media allow us to share with you our work but also small moments of our lives, few of them leave as much room for expression as blogs.


Today we are well aware that they are no longer very popular but like any writer... We have a lot of things to tell! 


So welcome to the Atelier Nymphaë's mood chronicles where we'll talk about many subjects such as writing, drawing, our artist's life, feminism, and many other things!


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Our blog

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