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Short timeline: 

2018: Birth of the project under the name "Wild Witch Project"

2019: First version of the script, the story is now called "The Roaring Witches" and takes place during the 20s

March 2022: Atelier Nymphaë was born, and we started talking about our project on Instagram.

It all starts in 2018 during the middle of summer when we had just finished a tough first year of college... 
We were discussing our passion for comics, romance, and fantasy but quickly realized something... 
The comic book of our dreams, the perfect story for us, did not exist. 

We dreamed of a story centered on women and more specifically women like us; lesbians. Most importantly, we wanted to read a fantastic story with a rich, worked & magic-filled universe... 
While we were joking about the patience we would need to have before reading such a story, we realized... Why wait when we can bring it to life ourselves? Monocle & brin de Violette was born... 

We didn't know it yet at that time but this project will become for us a real lifesaver during our 4 years of studies. 
The more time went by and the more the story grew, and our characters grew with us. This little dream that we had had during a summer swim had become a real career project.


Behind the project, a dream.

& strand
of violet



In our story, we address topics that are dear to us such as sisterhood, love between women, mental health & difference.


If these themes speak to you and you're a fan of slow-burn romances, chances are you'll enjoy our story!


At the prestigious Odalis School of Magic, Rose, a new student, and heiress to a prestigious family does her best to hide her struggles.

Shiori, on the other hand, is a talented student, but her severe anxiety makes her life quite difficult.


In a mysterious forest, nearby the school, both are chosen as guardians of a magical portal linking their world to the world of spirits. These two young women learn to know each other through an epistolary exchange.


As their affections deepen in a troubling way, everything seems to stand in the way of their meeting.



Updated on 24/07/2023

Progress Book I

of the script is written

 storyboarded pages

drawn pages

colored pages

Online release: Spring 2024

We will release the pages of Monocle & Brin de Violette gradually starting in Spring 2024. A book release via participative financing is planned if our project is successful. That's why we count on you to help us to make our story known!

The Heroines

the heroines


The artwork

the artwork

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