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about us

About us

Atelier Nymphaë, a story imagined and drawn by four hands.

Alice and I have always been a good team and over time we realized how much we enjoyed working together! 
So it's quite natural that we each found what we like to do most when creating a story. 

Alice is in charge of all the drawing and storyboarding parts, she is the one who cuts the scenario into pages and draws the characters! As for me, I take care of the writing and the coloring. On most of our productions, this is how we work, we complement each other perfectly! 


In March 2022 we decided to finally publish our work on social media under the name of Atelier Nymphaë. Our goal? To create magical, enchanting, and romantic stories spotlighting lesbian women. 

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Our duo

our duo


| Storyboard, Character design & Narrative drawing |

"Translating a story into images, for me it's more than a passion, it's giving life to characters, making them tangible, endearing and deeply human."

She likes :  drawing, crafting, Bullet journaling, reading comics and graphic novels, collecting washi tapes and autumn leaves (especially ginko leaves), rollerblading, watching movies and analyzing them, storyboarding and many, many other things!



| Storytelling & Word-Building |

| Colors & light |

 "I have always had a close and special relationship with words. Ever since I was a little girl, telling stories has been my favorite thing in the world."

She likes: painting, reading & writing, nature, tea parties, fantasy, aesthetics from the 1800s to the 1920s or so, movies from Studio Ghibli, studio KyoAni and Makoto Shinkai, music from Vivaldi, Adrian Von Ziegler and Yu-Peng Chen... And many, many other things!

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